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This is the download page for the international version. The German DTV version download page can be found here

Download the latest Version: 2019, 13th September 2019: 2019

mobileControl: (02. March  2019) mobileControl

Projector Client (3. March 2018)

Android App (09. March 2020) eJudge

* Fix for JS3 majority calculation
* New publishing to
* New config for carousel in tablet server
* DSE Data Export
* Automatically write eJudge data, error correction
* New projector control feature
* Running two or more finals on the same floor at the same time
* Better import of competitions from WDSF
* Fixed Skating and Round Number in JS3
* New view with all participants (Participant finder), Fix HTML, Fix WDSF API
* New and better calculation of marks according to WDSF rules
* Upload JS3 results to WDSF website from
* Html Carousel for redance fixed
* Enhancements in SQL Server wizzard, saving layout of grids
* Optimization and new „Set to excused“ button in couples list
* New Database Migrations
* Now supporting .net Framework 4.5
* New navigation concept with three-state hamburger menu
* New Carousel view to show results / heats on TV screens etc.
* New WDSF Checksums
* WDSF API result upload now working
* New dialog to create and open events
* Better printout ‚total marking‘
* New Tablet Server for Access to data with tablets / webserver
* New Html Export
* Bugfixes

Help Videos Deutsch:



Install .net Framework 4.0 (only if you are running Windows XP / Vista)
Unzip the the installer and  run it. New:

– Tablet Server with round, drawings etc. via http and a tablet for speaker and chairman
– „Bulk Mode“ to add judges to competitions
– New navigation with flyout
– Many fixes
– New winner certificate editor (see settings)
– Changeable Themes (see settings)
– WDSF API Support
– Export of Data (now to XML)